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Sbyke® P-20 Patented Rear-Steering Scooter

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8y - 12y








Active Toy, Cultural, Green Product, Outdoor Play, Socially Responsible, Toy, Transportation, Travel Item


Sbyke® is a hybrid that blends the best of bicycles, skateboards and scooters into a new category of rear-steer™ vehicle that gives riders mobility, precision control, and a smooth ride. This three-wheeled scooter uses a large front BMX wheel and patented rear skate truck to provide stability and substantially lower rolling resistance than existing scooters or skateboards. The low center of gravity and wide, maple deck allows comfortable side-by-side foot placement. The sbyke® comes standard with a hand-brake, decals, tools for simple assembly, and two stem sizes—so both small and tall riders can enjoy it. Sbyke® accommodates most riders from age 8-80 and up to 220 lbs. Universal Appeal: Sbyke® appeals to all ages. Kids can ride to and from school and cruise around the neighborhood with their friends. College kids can use it to lessen the time it takes for them to get around campus. Adults can use it to commute to work or public transportation hubs because its compact size enables sbyke® to easily fit onto trains and buses as well as into elevators or escalators. Popular Science magazine’s April 2012 issue had a story entitled “Wheel Wars” in which it pitted sbyke® against another scooter that has achieved worldwide success. Three test riders tested sbyke® against the razor®. While they were found comparable when simply cruising around the block, they determined the Razor® was “no match in maneuverability” and that the sbyke® “toppled the Razor®” when riders executed five-foot turns. Sbyke® helps kids and adults to develop and fine-tune essential motor skills. To steer, riders simply lean in the direction they want to go and its 3-cam bearing system does the rest. It’s also adjustable for downhill or BMX riding styles, providing versatility.


"Sbyke USA, LLC was created in Southern California by beach locals Brad Wernli and brothers Bart and Steve Wilson. Using old parts from an array of his children’s long-forgotten toys, Wernli recycled common parts into something totally new creating the first sbyke® prototype. The Wilson brothers recognized the potential of the rag-tag prototype and launched Sbyke USA. The Wilson’s leveraged their history of sports/racing engineering, fusing that with Wernli’s vision of a quick-carving beach cruiser to create today’s patented sbyke® rear-steer™ platform. Sbyke USA is proud to be green, and that doesn’t just refer to the lime green color featured on products and branding. Sbyke USA operates in alignment with standards that are environmentally conscious. This product is helping users reduce carbon footprints. Sbyke® is great for inspiring kids, teens and adults to enjoy the outdoors. Students can ride their sbyke® to and from school instead of the bus. College students can cruise their sbyke® around campus instead of hopping on shuttles. Because sbyke® is compact and fits onto buses, trains, elevators and escalators; as well as into the trunk of almost any car, people can commute to work, town or social events. Sbyke® also has the ability to reduce vehicle emissions in spacious work environments such as factories or convention centers. Instead of riding a bulky motorized vehicle, people are seeing how sbyke® can provide a new form of mobility in the work environment. For example, 15-time Motocross, Supercross legend Ricky Carmichael uses the sbyke® at work and home. “The team glides around the pits on the sbyke®, then I come home and the kids run circles around me with it,” Carmichael admits. Product safety is a core focus at Sbyke USA. Dealing with manufacturers in China, they go the extra mile and spend a premium on production to stringently promote product safety. Sbyke USA uses a powder coating on each sbyke® that is solvent-free and is 99% recoverable. This is imperative as China manufacturers have little or no regulations for solvent-based paints. If Sbyke USA had not set its current standards, the manufacturer surely would have deferred to lower cost, less safe alternatives. Safety standards also extend to the maple deck on each sbyke®, which is laminated with a formaldehyde-free epoxy. Additionally, all graphics are lead-free thermal transfers with no volatility. Steve Wilson, Co-Founder of Sbyke USA says, “Kids need play that challenges their motor skills. The sbyke® inspires them and intrigues their brains for hours at a time.” Parenting magazine recognized the exciting benefits of sbyke® and awarded it “Best in Play” at the 2012 American International Toy Fair. Sbyke®s frame is crafted from T-6 aircraft aluminum. Combined with its 10-ply maple deck, its durability is virtually unmatched. This enables sbyke® to be passed down from generation-to-generation. Sbyke® is green not only in color. As a company, Sbyke USA uses safe powder coats and laminates and has implemented sustainability practices at the corporate offices. As a result, users can feel confident in the product they are purchasing—whether for fun, commuting or for workplace use. The packaging for sbyke® is designed so that pallets are not required for the product to be fork-lifted. Additionally, the exterior packaging of each sbyke® is made of cardboard, which can be recycled by sustainability-conscious consumers. Plus, the box has a convenient handle so bags are not necessary at retail points of purchase.


Sbyke USA has taken great care to implement sustainability practices at the headquarters office in Las Vegas, Nevada. Such measures include motion-detection lighting, use of swamp coolers instead of refrigeration, and trash bins that separate recyclables.