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Everythingland Mailbox with & Eco-Art U-Stick’ems Kit

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24m - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Fantasy Play, Green Product, Handmade, Hobby, Other, Socially Responsible


Everythingland Mailbox is an art project and toy in one that invites creative expression and imaginative pretend play. The toy is open-ended and encourages interactive play and communication based play. The Mailbox is a blank canvas for children to express themselves creatively. Though it is a recognizable object, the mailbox is such a familiar prop that the possibilities for decorating it are limitless. Mailboxes can be decorated like the earth, animals, school bus, the ocean, barn yard, forest, outer space and various other motifs and abstract creations. The sturdy grade of cardboard also allows for a wide range of arts and crafts materials to be used. It may be colored with crayons, markers or various paints. The Mailbox may be added to by gluing various materials to the surface. Construction paper and tissue paper are favorites but they can also be decorated with photographs, seashells, tiles, stones, beads, feathers, string, popsicle sticks, ribbons, cardboard, wood and pipe cleaners. The options are almost limitless. Once the decorating is done the fun has just begun because the mailbox functions as a toy capable of handling most standard mail. Children love to play pretend mail games, but children learning to read may use the mailbox as a focal point for family or school communication. When a parents or grandparent writes a letter and puts it into the mailbox the child is excited and wants to read the letter. In the hands of a child the mailbox isn’t limited to post office games and letter writing. The mailbox may become a secret cave for lost dinosaurs, a cozy nest for a special stuffed bunny or a place for a child to put their first lost tooth for the tooth fairy. Children constantly find new games to play with the unique mailbox. The mailbox may also be used for special occasions such as birthdays, graduations and even weddings as a repository for cards. The Mailbox might also be put to good use around holidays such as Valentines Day, Mothers Day, Fourth of July, Halloween or Christmas. The Eco-Art U-Stick’ems allow children an eco-friendly option over normal stickers. They offer a nice way to create patterns or themes on any art project, especially the Mailbox. The simple line drawings are made for coloring and may be adhered to the art project with any adhesive suitable for paper. A recipe for eco-friendly homemade glue is offered for those who want to make a more eco-friendly project. Everythingland Mailbox and Eco-Art U-Stick'ems can be purchased separately.


Metamorphic Toys was incorporated in December of 2010. The child’s creative imagination was the inspiration for the business. During the preschool years, the inventor observed how much his child and her friends used their creativity and imagination to learn, grow and process the world around them. It’s an amazing, beautiful thing for a new parent to see and he came to realize this is the natural way children learn. At Metamorphic Toys “Green play” is the main element of “green toys.” As a society we have become accustom to entertaining our children instead of letting them play. So we think that toys need flashing lights, bright colors, radio controls and sound effects to be “fun”. The simple open-ended toys allow children to decorate, move them around, and play with them in a variety of ways, alone or with friends. The child is in complete control of play. No one else’s imagination needs to be imposed in the magical world of pretend that the child creates. The toys offered are a blank canvas for children. Seeing how kids responded to these toys the company set out to share them with other kids hungry to set their creative imaginations free. Having observed these toys in the hands of children, in test groups and in school classrooms they observed how much children love this kind of play. On more than one occasion upon the completion of a Mailbox the kids insisted the inside of the mailbox must decorated too, decorating the outside was not enough. Metamorphic Toys has donated toys to several schools for fundraising events and special class projects. The excitement on the faces of the children and their boundless creative energy in the classrooms has been rewarding and energizing. The toys are made locally in Minnesota, using recycled natural materials that are also 100% recyclable and biodegradable. All of the toys are hand assembled and packaged by Opportunity Partners, an organization with a commitment to train adults with disabilities to be employable and self sufficient. The commitment to the community and the environment begins and ends with our commitment the creative, imaginative nature of children, Green Play. Metamorphic Toys had its coming out party on the “Launch Pad” at Toy Fair 2012 in New York City. They had a good response from retailers and education professionals.