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Arts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible


Find & Make has added a new project kit that directs children to make their own original creations using Makedo connectors and packaging commonly found in the home. This product invites child to be resourceful by sourcing boxes and packaging from around the house and using them as the ‘building blocks’ . Once built, the Shop becomes the source of endless role-play fun. Through this experience, the child changes their perception of a box as something they would throw away. Instead it becomes an object of value. The child has learned about reuse and upcycling in a fun and playful way. Each Makedo Find & Make kit includes a safe-saw for cutting and punching through materials safely; re-clips and lock-hinges for connecting, themed decorative stickers, beautifully illustrated step-by-step instructions and a gorgeous inspiration poster. The material contents and packaging has been kept to a minimum. The reusable nature of Makedo’s connectors means that the child is able to pull apart and reconstruct their shop over and over for new building and role-play experiences. Construction with Makedo also minimizes the use of virgin materials by directing the child to make their own toy rather than going out to buy something completely new. Makedo’s Find & Make range has already captured children, parents and educators who love the simple way its reusable connector system enables the easy construction of junk art creations Makedo makes making faster, easier, sturdier, cleaner and more environmentally friendly than using sticky tape and glue alternatives. Not to mention it provides a fun way to learn about up-cycling and reuse. Makedo project kits are designed to encourage open-ended creativity and play. Every home will have slightly different packaging materials so every Makedo Find & Make Shop will turn out slightly differently. Likewise, each child will bring their own imagination to the play that results once their Shop has been constructed.


Makedo is a craft-construction system with a conscience. It makes reuse of everyday materials safe and accessible. It enables found or reclaimed materials to easily combine and connect so that they become building blocks to construct and create with. The Makedo Company was born from the idea that it’s possible to inspire social change through playful creativity. The company wants people to see and inject new value into things that might otherwise be regarded as waste. Through play with Makedo children of all ages learning an environmental message that one person’s trash can truly be another’s treasure. One of the primary reasons Makedo was invented was to be used as a tool to encourage people to use their imagination and see the creative possibilities in the reuse of everyday materials around them. The way that Makedo is able to help people transform that a cardboard box into a toy car, or that a piece of bubble wrap into the wing to an angle costume is central to ‘green power’ of the product. Makedo has been designed to be easy for a child to use so that they can feel free to express their unique creativity, whilst growing to appreciate material resources such as cardboard, plastic, fabric and more. In this way, play becomes a powerful agent of change on the issue of waste. It is educating children on the important issue of waste, and how to address it through reuse. It is hoped that this seed of thinking – of seeing waste as a resource - once planted in the child’s mind, will grow to reveal creative solutions to the global challenges and problems of the future. Product and Packaging: Makedo parts are reusable which enables a long life of play but also for creations to be pulled apart so the building block materials can be recycled. Makedo offers a take-back service for end-of-life parts to be returned to the manufacturer and fed back into Makedo’s production cycle. Recycled materials are used for all printing and packaging. Packaging size is appropriate to contents -making the packaging size appropriate to it’s contents, despite pressure to ‘make the box bigger’. By keeping packaging small and compact to save on materials and also on wasted CO2 emissions used in transporting boxes that would otherwise be filled with air – a common practice by many companies in order to add perceived value to their product. Office and Factory: The ISO 9001 factory selected to produce Makedo is ICTI certified. It means that it has been independently audited to ensure toys are produced in safe and humane environments. The factory and office use energy saving globes, encourages paperless office practice and otherwise sources recycled paper for all office use. In the Makedo office, stationery resources are shared amongst the team (sharing a stapler rather than having one each) and the office desk trays and magazine holders using reclaimed cardboard and Makedo. Rubbish is recycled and packaging is upcycled for future Makedo projects. All paper and card contained in the product is recycled and box size is compact to ensure that there are minimal wasted CO2 emissions in the transport of the goods from factory to store. All Makedo parts are made from one material – Nylon 6,6 to make the parts long lasting and easy to recycle once collected and returned to the production loop. Makedo offers a ‘take-back’ service through its distributor network to facilitate this recycling.