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HABAland Train Building Blocks

Age Range

12m - 3y








Active Toy, Educational Skills, Green Product, Socially Responsible, Toy, Transportation


HABA’s classic wooden colorful train is just about perfect in all aspects. The attractive colors and grinning conductor are sure to impress! Train cars connect via magnets. Toot, toot, the locomotive arrives at the station with its three wagons transporting an interesting load: two small stacking games and a drum with a little bell. The conductor and load are removable. Material: PEFC certified beech wood. Non toxic, water based stain. Made in Germany.


At Habermaass Corp. of Germany, kids rule. You don’t see them running around the factory, but their needs and wants are foremost in the company’s mission. Owned by Klaus Habermaass, whose father started the business more than 70 years ago, the company has grown to 1,300 employees in Germany. The Skaneateles, NY, distribution office employs 16, and was acquired with HABA’s 1980 purchase of T.C.Timber, a business known for its high-quality wooden trains and block sets. Today, HABA prides itself on the fact that children love playing with its toys, blissfully unaware of how this fosters their development. That’s the stamp of approval the company appreciates the most, but it has been recognized by the grown-up world as well: The company’s products have been bestowed honors by virtually every German toy award and virtually all of the prestigious American ones, as well. The company has grown slowly and deliberately, and now is a major force in many countries around the world. The company favors wood as its material for most of the toys, as the beech and maple it uses are regenerative, its natural markings make it unique, it flatters the hand, is ideal for children, and it inspires its designers to create little wonders. Thus, acquiring T.C. Timber was a natural for HABA, as T.C.Timber had built a reputation for fine craftsmanship in wooden toys and trains. After this long partnership and learning the U.S. market, HABA has reached a comfort level to bring over half of its product line to the U.S. HABA is confident the U.S. consumer will delight in the wholesome, cheerful designs of its European toys.“Our U.S. business has grown to be very important to our German headquarters. The reception we’ve received from American consumers and retailers has been overwhelming,” said Lea Culliton, president of HABA USA. “Our retail community is welcoming this vast line of products with open arms, and we have anecdotally heard from customers that HABA will succeed phenomenally in America. Especially in this economy, our classic, feel-good toys strike a chord.” In addition to toys made by its German headquarters under the HABA label, the company has exclusive U.S. distributorships. It distributes sturdy sand, garden and dining toys from the German based brand, Spielstabil. HABA is now also distributing the sturdy, Danishe designed MOOVER ride on wooden toys and prams. HABA has the young and the not-so-young at heart covered!