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3y - 12y








Card Game, Construction Toy, Educational Skills, Electronic Game, Game, Internet/Virtual, Multimedia, Socially Responsible


Bella Sara™ is a magical world of horses where children can expand their imaginations through play. Bella Sara inspires and empowers children with positive messages and the magic that is the land of North of North.


Beginning July 1, 2011, the Bella Sara Company was created (the brand formerly with Hidden City Games) by the creator of Bella Sara, Ms. Gitte Braendgaard. Bella Sara has eliminated company offices and employee commutes while working via virtual offices around the world (Seattle, Los Angeles and Denmark). In addition, they have considerably reduced worldwide travel for production, sales and marketing, and work extensively with partners around the world via Skype conferencing. Products, made from paper, are recyclable (ASTM and EN71 approved) and which contain codes that unlock adventures via online website.