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Treasure Hunt—Objects & Shapes Game

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3y - 6y








Board Game, Card Game, Educational Skills, Game, Socially Responsible, Toy, Travel Item


BeginAgain’s toys are organized by play styles. Creative artistic play develops imagination and gives understanding of the world we live in. This is where you can find creative arts, music toys, and more. Children are natural storytellers and these toys help develop communication and confidence. You can find role play and character playsets. The Inventor loves to learn, explore, and build. Find learning games, exploration kits, construction, and science fun here. Exercise for the body is important of all kids. Here you can find outdoor toys, sporting games, ride-ons, and more. Kids love to save the day. This category is all about heros, adventures, action figures, and wheels fun. Treasure Hunt, the Objects & Shapes Game is from our Inventor category. This 65-piece set features five game ideas that introduce and teach shapes and objects with unique tactile game play. Little pirates will be ready for games like "The Sneaky Seeker", "The Blindfold Grab", matching games, and more! For a traditional favorite, flip the game board over and play a classic game of Checkers. Clean up is easy as the 18"x18" game board has a Velcro pocket for storage and play. The gameboard is also a great map for role play adventures! BeginAgain uses plant-based and recycled materials whenever possible. The treasure map game board is made from natural (unbleached, unprocessed) cotton and the 20 game cards and 20 matching game pieces are made from recycled paperboard and colored with water-based inks. The 24 treasure coins are made from natural rubber (from rubber tree).


BeginAgain is the latest chapter in the story of Chris Clemmer and David Bowen, toy industry veterans devoted to making responsibly crafted toys that teach through play and nurturing the whole child. In collaboration with other like-minded people they continue to re-invent the traditional toy company, challenge the norms of consumer product manufacturing and give back to their Northern Colorado community. Both David and Chris began their careers designing products for large toy companies, but after witnessing the harmful environmental impacts of the toy manufacturing process in China, they changed the way toys are made. They relocated their families to Fort Collins, Colo., and, together with Justin Discoe, founded Sprig Toys to make eco-toys that inspire and engage children in active, imaginative play. In less than three years, the Sprig team earned many awards for its innovative, kid-powered toys made from bio-composite plastic, including a 2010 Toy of the Year (TOTY) Award from the Toy Industry Association for the Dolphin Explorer Boat. Sprig Toys became the first American eco-toy company ever to be acquired. With WHAM-O’s purchase of Sprig, the founders' roles changed and they were no longer steering the brand. Chris and David decided this was an opportunity to start a new company, collaborate and continue to lead the industry forward, beyond oil-based materials and video games. They launched Begin Again in the summer, 2011, steeped in stories of invention and inspired by history. The founders’ devotion to collaboration led them to aquire ImagiPLAY, a 14-year-old Boulder, Colo., company known for pioneering the eco-toy category. BeginAgain is very proud to be able to keep ImagiPLAY in Colorado and build on the brand’s green legacy in the toy industry. ImagiPLAY’s mission to make toys with integrity and help children develop a deep appreciation for their planet dovetails nicely with BeginAgain’s commitment to play with purpose and using plant-based materials whenever possible. ImagiPLAY founder Barbera Aimes serves as an advisor to BeginAgain. Barbera was the first person invited to serve on the Toy Industry Association’s Environmental and Sustainability Committee and devoted years to developing her trusted relationship with the Asian factory that produces ImagiPLAY’s popular rubberwood toys. BeginAgain is part of the Rocky Mountain Innosphere Initiative (RMI2), a startup accelerator supported by the cities of Loveland and Fort Collins. BeginAgain’s offices are located in RMI2’s state-of-the-art, energy efficient building in Fort Collins. Begin Again was founded on the principles, ideas, and inventions of Benjamin Barlowe, an early 20th century inventor from Fort Collins. Ben's fantastic tales and astute observations of his grandchildren, Zadie and Fuller, are the inspiration behind our products. His archive overflows with tinkered toys, playful mechanisms, and incredible stories filled with nostalgia, history, and lessons on how things used to be. Mr. Barlowe wrote about 5 distinct styles of play that children engage in daily. His journal entries detail the whirlwind way children bounce from one play pattern to the next. He describes days with crayons everywhere, action figures in the couch and under the table, soccer practices, dance classes, dress up parties, bath time, and stories before bed.