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2 Birdie Banks

Age Range

6y - 9y








Creative Product, Socially Responsible


2 Birdie Banks™ is a new activity kit in the ALEX Eco Crafts series. Kids can save their money and at the same time help to save the planet! This all-in-one environmentally-friendly craft kit lets kids create 2 bird-shaped banks out of recycled paper molds. It comes with 2 makeshift banks (fashioned from recycled paper) that kids can outfit with coin slots and lids before decorating them with colorful squares. Using the included sponge brush, kids can easily affix the paper tape with glaze and wait a while for their creation to dry.


The ALEX® Environmentally Friendly Initiative supports the company’s premier brand of creative toys and children’s lifestyle products. The company is concerned about the world in which we live is doing its share to help create a more sustainable future.! Their products fit perfectly into the company’s mission to provide children with quality creative products that foster personal expression and build self-esteem. Quality is of utmost importance, but when the materials used are better for the planet, retailers, parents and children feel completely confident with ALEX toys. Going forward, ALEX® will continue its “green” initiative with phasing in new packaging, shifting to more recyclable materials like corrugated cardboard and other paper products.