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Kidz Labs/Green Science-Solar Mechanics

Age Range

8y - 12y








Active Toy, Creative Product, Green Product, Socially Responsible


Do the experiments with the clean energy power by the sun-solar cells. Build a mini robot, which slides across the courtyard under a sunny sky, construct a handy cooling fan in hot weather, make a solar spinner,which creates a rainbow in your room when the sun is out. Your young scientist can also make a CD rainbow reflector, a holographic spinner, and a “Bird-in-a-cage” illusion spinner!


The company’s philosophy and goal is to develop fun and meaningful play experiences that help to educate children and nurture their imaginations. 4M is proud of its continuing efforts to contribute to the Green education of children through unique craft kits that teach eco-friendly concepts. Aside from winning the prestigious Consumer Product Design Award with Green Science Series, many of the products have also earned outstanding achievements. As young minds learn and develop, it is imperative that they become increasingly aware of important global issues, such as the environment. To encourage awareness, children who enjoy creative crafts products will find each item contains many interesting recycling tips that they can use and share with others to illustrate the importance of environmental concerns. In addition, their premium packaging is almost entirely PVC free. Besides this, the company cares about the environment in developing countries and organized a sponsorship program with the Oxfam Hong Kong. For every Kidz Labs/Green Science Solar System pack and CleanWater Science pack purchased, 3% of the proceeds will be donated to Oxfam Hong Kong to help build solar stoves and improve access to clean water. With sponsorship by Oxfam Hong Kong, an isolated rural village in Southeast Asia is building a new water system that will improve their living conditions. Providing access to clean water for the entire village will help more than 500 people.