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Pieces of History™ Pharaoh's Egypt

Age Range

8y - 12y








Educational Skills, Puzzle


Grownups have puzzled over where to find a perfect toy that’s educational, affordable, durable and intriguing. Find It® Games, the award-winning maker of contained adventures, has responded with an innovative and beautifully produced hide-and-seek game in a sturdy cylinder perfect for play for all ages. Find It is a clear cylinder containing 300-piece eye-catching historical puzzles: Pharaoh’s Egypt, On Dry Ground, or Parade Of Animals. Puzzles provide a wonderful opportunity for families to share time together.


Find It has broadened its game line to horizontal play after years of success with vertical adventures. The puzzle series, Pieces of History, targets a significant event familiar to children and adults. Once the pieces are put in place, the history-themed puzzles offer an instant lesson to players as they read the parchment-like list of hidden items. In the Pharaoh’s Egypt puzzle, one item to uncover is the Eye of Horus. The item is explained at an age-appropriate level as, “belonging to the falcon god, Horus, this symbol was thought to bring prosperity and protection.” Ancient Egypt is vividly portrayed in this 300-piece puzzle artwork commissioned from painter Rachel Land. A day in the life of the Egyptians along the Nile of Pharaoh’s time becomes a second game once the pieces are in place. Look around the border or deep inside the scene to “find it” – a list of 40 Egyptian items from sandals, sword, necklace, wine jar, and pottery to animals like cobra, crocodile, leopard, jackals, and monkey. Instead of putting the pieces back in the box for another day, you can consider framing the historic scene.