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Fairy Triad

Age Range

3y - 12y








Creative Product, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible, Toy


Create your own fantastic, fun, fairy wonderland! Learn the history and lore of fairies while you create fairy fantasy with four special fairy plant varieties, multi-colored fairy gravel, fairy dust, a fairy wheel, fairy bells, stakes and decals, and a fairy! Informative instructions detail sprouting and growing methods as well as a plethora of information about fairies and fairy gardens.


This easy-to-grow garden kit includes four plant varieties that are beloved by fairies: Lobelia, Clover, Evening Star, and Thyme. Lobelia is known for its ability to attract good fairies and for its beautifully colored flowers. It is also known to attract hummingbirds to the garden. Clover is a sacred fairy plant that is believed to attract a variety of fairies and has the power to break fairy spells. Evening Star is used to make fairy brews and more. Thyme, a favorite among the fairies, enables humans to see them. Thyme is also considered to be a magical herb that is used in love spells, dream magic, and spells to inspire strength and courage.


The belief in fairies dates back to ancient times being traceable both in written and oral tradition. Fairies are said to be from an enchanted island off the coast of Ireland known to be a place of youth and beauty. There, time seems to stand still, flowers always bloom, and there is no sickness or war. With the Fairy Triad, you can start growing your own mystical fairy wonderland in less than a week!