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Toddler Dolls - 'OINK'

Age Range

3y - 12y








Doll, Handmade, Novelty, Other, Toy


These unique dolls are truly a work of heart! This dedicated company has been making special dolls for 20 years. The company has creative energy and a passion for creating dolls that bring sunshine and happiness into doll lovers’ lives worldwide. They are dedicated to imagination and play in a big way. Each handmade Adora doll starts with an irresistible face, delightful costume, and no detail is over looked. The company puts extra emphasis on quality of its dolls, which are carefully checked for quality no less than twenty-four times during the production process.


It is the goal of the company’s owners to exceed expectations, as they know what a difference a doll can make. It can turn a frown upside down, build friendships, teach nurturing, bring comfort, and turn a boring day into a day of play! They each have adorable, squeezable, lovable, and cuddly faces. That’s what has made Adora Dolls so special for decades.