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The Brainetics program includes: A set of 5 fun, entertaining and engaging DVDs that gradually get more challenging and involved as the program progresses. A specially-designed, custom Brainetics playbook that explains each lesson, provides practice space and helps the individual understand each section. One set of 52 custom Brainetics flash cards that help processing speed and lesson comprehension. One deck of playing cards is used to increase mental speed, pattern recognition, and focus. A ‘Parent Guide’ explains the goals of each lesson, what to expect and how to become involved in the learning process.


Brainetics creator, Mike Byster, has been working with kids since 1997, perfecting ways to help them learn shortcuts with math and memory techniques that make all subjects easier to learn, while increasing their confidence. His students learn to tackle complex math problems, expand their memory capacity, and store information for short and long-term recall—all in a fun, cool, high energy style that kids love. Although Mike’s major in college was business, he realized later that he not only was gifted with numbers, but also was born with a gift for teaching as well. While he was working as a trader at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange he started holding demonstrations of his techniques at his cousin’s high school math class. Mike was interested in math, patterns, and numbers at a very young age. When he was just three years old Mike played card games with his grandmother learning about higher and lower numbers. At the age of four he memorized all of the Presidents’ birth and death dates in order. He was developing a talent, but it wasn’t until he was out of college and a parent himself that he realized he wanted to be able to reach ALL children to help them get excited about math and patterns the way he was.


In 1997, Mike started working with children who were at gifted/advanced levels in public schools to test out these techniques. He found the children could learn quickly the techniques he was teaching, and they were able to duplicate what he could do. However, he also wanted to see if his methods would work with the average learners, so he devised games and techniques that both groups could enjoy. After volunteering in classrooms for many years, Mike was asked by a special education teacher at one school to try working with her children. These children had various levels of difficulties ranging from behavior to attention deficit problems. He found that by adjusting certain parts of the program, he could engage even the children that struggled with math. At this point he began to see the role self-esteem and confidence play in learning. When children feel good about their ability and are having fun learning, they are more likely to want to continue. The 20/20 show contacted Mike Byster in 2008, and since his appearance, Mike has developed a product called Brainetics, with partner Joel Appel.