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Read All About Me

Age Range

5y - 10y








Creative Product, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible

Read All About Me is a classic activity kit that provides hours of creative fun. The kit comes with 12 pages that children color, decorate and bind together to create a unique booklet about themselves, family, friends, school, hobbies and things they like to do. A great way to preserve childhood memories. Children start by gathering materials that they want to use for the book: photos of themselves, friends, family and pets. They can include pictures from magazines and newspapers, doodles, notes from friends, ticket stubs, papers and stickers. Ribbons, dried flowers, feathers or rubber stamps can also be used to decorate the pages.Children fill in the blank pages with information about themselves. The cover of Read All About Me book has an area for a photo. Other pages of the book include space for personal information such as age, weight, height and even fingerprints. There's also a page to complete a family tree! Completing the pages sparks writing skills, encourages interaction with family and helps children build self-confidence. This is a fun way for a child to explore many facets of their life and it’s a great way for the child to save memories in a positive and lasting way. Read All About Me contains 12 ready-to-color pages, 12 washable markers, 8 finger crayons, scissors, 20 sheets of colored paper, rainbow cord, glitter glue, glue stick, sequins and easy instructions.