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Curiosity Kits® Paw Print Frame

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6y - 12y








Arts & Crafts, Creative Product

Create a keepsake frame with the Curiosity Kits® Paw Print Frame using photos and paw impressions of your pet.Soft bake-able clay makes it easy and safe to take an imprint of your pet’s paws. No pet clean-up is necessary.Kit includes frame, plexiglass sheet, sculpting tools, five colors of paint, two pet-themed stamps, paintbrush, two-piece frame matte set, white bankable clay and illustrated instructions.This easy to assemble frame is made of high quality MDF wood, making it very durable.The frame holds four pet pictures, and the matte may be painted to match the frame.Completion time is approximately one hour. The results are a usable frame perfect for you to supply the photos. Dimensions: 8” x 8” x 2”