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Le Cardo assists children to understand and apply the concept of word compounding, and to build awareness of this element of the language, as well as to increase their vocabulary more generally. All the words are high frequency. Each game card has on it a word, written both horizontally and vertically and in lower case, accompanied by a graphic. In addition, the cards have five point values according to their difficulty level, so that 1-point cards – e.g. water, up, side, are easier to make matches with (e.g., waterfall, uptown, inside, etc.). These point values are represented by five colors–blue, red, orange, green and purple, so that the whole game is highly visual. This game uses whole words rather than letters so anyone with spelling and word-recognition problems (adults as well as children) can play it more easily than traditional word games. This game has value for home or school. Includes 52 game cards, three rules cards, and a word index card showing the value of each word.