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10 Best Games, Board Game

Stomple™ is a family board game that has both toy and strategic elements. Players move their Stomper around the board by stomping marbles through the board. The goal is to be the last Stomper remaining on the board. The game board has a 7 x 7 grid of holes. At the beginning of the game, each game space (hole) is filled with a marble by pouring and randomly spreading the marbles. It comes with 49 marbles and six Stompers. Younger children love the toy mechanism of stomping the marbles through the board, while older players enjoy the strategy of the game. Benefits for children include eye-hand coordination and decision-making skills, which vary with the ability and experience of each player. The game will grow with a child as the child learns how to play and learn different strategies. However, understanding these strategies does not limit one’s ability to play the game, nor reduce the enjoyment of the game (or stomping a marble through the board).