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Original Colorforms Set 60th Anniversary Edition

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3y - 12y








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The Original Colorforms® Set is a reproduction of the inspiring and creative product that launched the company in 1951. This set includes 350 brightly colored Colorforms pieces in an elegant, spiral-bound book. An intriguing design booklet with colorful illustrations is included. Arrange Colorforms’ simple versatile shapes, in endless, fascinating combinations from making a single figure to creating a whole series of design elements. Colorforms Stick-Ons™ easily attach to any glossy surface, or to one another, by applying slight pressure across the surface of each piece. This classic set inspired an activity that has been an American favorite for 60 years and appeals to today’s children – engaging their imaginations just as it did in 1951. This set has been recognized by The Museum of Modern Art in New York City.