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SELECTION Playing Card Game

Age Range

8y - 12y








Board Game, Card Game, Educational Skills, Travel Item

This is an engaging new card game. Each player must complete a hand with a maximum of five cards, a hand that offers the highest number of points for each specific hand on the Selection board. During the first round (opening), each player must succeed in completing a Cosmopolitain hand (a hand of 5 cards of 5 different colors). If the Cosmopolitain hand has not been successfully completed, the player must score 0 point for one of the non-completed hand of his/her choice and try again to do the Cosmopolitain hand at the next round and so on until the Cosmopolitain hand has been successfully completed. After having successfully completed the Cosmopolitain hand (opening), the player must continue on and complete the non-completed hands of his/her choice. Although intense concentration is certainly not required for this game, choosing the non-completed hand to do with the hand of cards you have received require some strategy on the players’ part. Some strategy, a lot of socialization, fun and relaxing moments, this is one of the main assets of the game. Each round offers two draws, except for the last two which offer three draws. Following the second or third draw, depending on which round is being played; each player will use a maximum of 5 cards that are most susceptible to result in the best possible hand. Once all eleven rounds have been played and the Selection board is complete, each player’s points are added up and the winner is crowned.