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DaGeDar, a new game of speed, skill, competition, and collectability, consists of designed battle balls with steel core centers, twisted tracks, launchers, and spinners. Ballers, the name given to elite players, are challenged to propel a ball through the track sets. Each of the balls have distinct characters, biographies, and unique graphics. Ballers can log onto and enter the code located on the back of each ball to learn more. DaGeDar offers intense multiple player battle action. Ballers can knock out competition with spinners. Ballers try to launch battle balls through the loop of the High Speed Stunt Jump Track—to make it into the cup. Ballers compete against one another in the High Speed Score Zone Raceway—Ballers compete with both balls to propel over the challenging jump of the Two Lane Battle Jump Raceway—but it narrows into one lane so only one ball can be the winner. Ballers engage in intense action as they load balls into the launcher and fire them. Ballers can whirl balls in the Spinners and knock out competition. Ballers can also launch their battle balls from the Dual Top Speed Start Gate. Prices vary from $4.99-$19.99. This is the same company that launched the innovative Zhu Zhu pets.