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Cahoots is the third title in the alphabetical engaging Aldo Zelnick comic novel series. Each book in the series includes an illustrated glossary full of fun and challenging vocabulary. Cahoots seamlessly presents words such as cacophony, cantankerous, clandestine and more. In this book the Zelnicks travel to the family farm in Minnesota for their vacation. Aldo’s mom is eager for him to experience the things she loved as a girl…shucking sweet corn, milking cows, gathering eggs. A week of fresh air and living off the land! But Aldo suspects that farm life isn’t all it’s cracked up to be...and it’s worse than he feared. The rooster wakes him at dawn, the chores nearly do him in, and Timothy and the cousins—identical twin pranksters—are in cahoots against him. All this without the comforts of TV or computer—because the Anderson farm is technology-free. Karla Oceanak, author of the Aldo Zelnick series, is an advocate for childhood literacy.