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Circle Out!

Age Range

8y - 12y








Active Toy, Card Game, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Novelty, Puzzle, Travel Item

Circle Out! is great for family activities, classroom activities, birthday parties, and, of course, for just plain old having fun! Circle Out! calls upon parts of the brain that may not normally get enough exercise. For this reason, children can often gain the advantage over adults. Circle Out! is a great visual memory exercise and winning is never simply a matter of chance! Lay out twelve cards on the table and then race to find the biggest circles that you can! Circles are formed by connecting cards of the same color together: red to red, blue to blue, etc. until the same color connects the chain of cards together at both ends. Curiously, Circle Out! was invented as a result of a meditation on economics. "How could people trade if the money system failed?" One idea was that a trading "chain" or "circle" could be used. For example, suppose one person has corn and needs wheat, a second person has wheat and needs barley, and a third person has barley and needs corn. These three people can trade in a circular pattern. (Pretend, for example, that each card represents one person. The top color is his supply of something and the bottom color is something that he needs. Cards link together where the supply and the need match.) Circle Out! game was the result of exploring the simple idea of a trading circle. Also, the way that the game plays is somewhat of a mathematical curiosity. The deck is made up of 21 pairs of inverse cards (two-card circles). Occasionally, when you play Circle Out! a couple of pairs may be left unused, but there will never be random cards left over. Suitable for 8 years and older.