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Sookie & Finn: Our Day DVD

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12m - 3y








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Sookie & Finn DVD is an excellent and useful new tool to boost speech and language development in children.and has proven to work in helping children with expressive and receptive language development and vocabulary acquisition. The techniques used help children with speech delays requiring speech therapy. The DVD can be used at home or at school to assist with child’s speech and language development. Based on unique methodology, derived from the latest available research in children's language development, two main characters, Sookie and Finn, go about their daily routines including basic vocabulary with labeling, repetition, adult narration, and nursery songs. Six great nursery songs are built into the story to keep little ones entertained and engaged. Scenes involve viewers by giving choices, which encourage expressive language reproduction. At the end of each scene, the target vocabulary is repeated for increased retention. Also included are charts, activities and useful information. For maximum benefits, parents should watch the DVD with their child. This DVD will help parents structure their interaction with their child and encourage their child’s language development.