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OWI Robotics[Browse other products in this catalog]Green Technologies & Robotics CurriculumAge Range10y - 99yPrice$11.95Phone310.515.1900Introduction2014TypesSoftware, Socially Responsible, Science, Other, Green Product

GREEN TECHNOLOGIES & ROBOTICS CURRICULUM is another first from OWI providing many hours of learning! Green and robotic critical technologies make for a winning combination that will become increasingly important in the future and OWI is leading the educational experience for children in the form of self-instructive learning! The educational CD is designed to stimulate young minds to explore emerging and established green environmental and robotics sciences and technologies. Give your youngster an OWI edge: prepare now for green technology related jobs of the 21st Century by supplementing OWI solar, fuel cell, rechargeable battery, and wind powered robot kit building with relevant science and technology knowledge and activities. The CD is Mac and PC compatible and explainshow a variety of renewable and alternate energies work and ways to experiment with OWI kits! It gets even better with self-paced instruction on how robots work including activities and experiments for selected OWI traditional battery operated robots including: Hyper Peppy, Jungle Robot, Moonwalker II, and Binary Player. Flexibly suited for supervised or self-instruction at home or school through computer navigation or making site-licensed photocopies for a group or class. Complete with tests and answer keys