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B. Toys by Battat[Browse other products in this catalog]BallyhooAge Range6m - 4yPrice$19.95Phone1.866.665.5524Introduction2013TypesActivity Product, Educational Skills, Entertainment, Novelty

The Ballyhoo Ball will bounce, wobble, and squeak when you roll it or throw it. Every roll will play differently. Roll with it.

The B. Ballyhoo Ball features five wee balls that fit into one mama ball. Play with them together or apart. Bounce, wobble, squeak, each ball plays differently. Roll with it! The bumps, ridges, and soft spikes offer different textures for little hands to feel. Includes a tray designed to be reused as a place to store your Ballyhoo. Ages 6 months to 4 years.

Where will it go? What will it do? There’s really no telling. (Kinda like you!)

5 little balls + 1 big ball = have a ball!
Play with them together or play with them apart
Each plays differently
Each provides a unique tactile experience
Pop three in, pop two out—there are a zillion combinations
Parents' Choice Recommended Award Winner
Big ball 6.5", small balls 2.5" each