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Mudpuppy[Browse other products in this catalog]In The Garden Deluxe Puzzle Wheel Age Range24m - 12yPrice$14.99Phone1-800.670.7441Introduction2013TypesCreative Product, Game, Novelty, Puzzle

Six colorful pieces fit into a central hub to form a 1 foot diameter (30.5 cm) puzzle in Mudpuppy's In the Garden Deluxe Puzzle Wheel. The pieces are extra thick for small hands and fit neatly into a rounded, hinged package with a button and elastic closure.

As an added bonus, the reverse of the puzzle forms a color wheel, and the package is decorated wtih foil accents. One side of the package is flattened so it can stand upright for display.

The garden butterfly, bugs, and plants were illustrated by Allison Cole.
Recommended for ages 2+
CE and ASTM tested for safety