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Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids[Browse other products in this catalog]Dice Off (by Spanish for Kids)Age Range7y - 12yPrice$34.95Phone301.299.8000Introduction2013TypesBoard Game, Socially Responsible, Game, Educational Skills, Cultural

Dice Off was created as a way for families, friends and classmates to come together to have fun and learn Spanish. It fosters friendly competition using a combination of skill, luck, and creativity. Amusing challenge cards add an element of surprise and humor and keep players smiling and motivated throughout the game.

There are 4 levels of game play, as well as 4 different and colorful playing boards. This game remains engaging and challenging for players as they learn and review 48 useful Spanish verbs and descriptive words. Through the challenge and tie-breaker cards and included map, players are also introduced to the names, geography and culture of Spanish-speaking countries as well as additional Spanish vocabulary. Using an airport/airplane theme to add humor and a sense of adventure, the playing boards resemble Flight Manuals found aboard commercial airlines as they serve to guide the players or “flyers” as they learn.

Colorful coordinated dice pairs and cover cards accompany each of the red, blue, green and purple Flight Manuals, making the game attractive-looking to children. Dice Off includes 4 games, each increasingly challenging.

Free Dice Off App included with purchase.


2013 GAME OF THE YEAR AWARD, Creative Child Magazine
Dr. Toy's Best Picks 2013
Parents Foundation Silver Award.