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Baby Buzz'r International[Browse other products in this catalog]Eco-Art PadAge Range24m - 12yPrice$9.99Phone801.979.2229Introduction2013TypesArts & Crafts, Creative Product, Green Product, Socially Responsible

You need to encourage your little kids to be creative in life. There is no better time for this than the initial first two years. Of course you cannot expect them to write poetry or draw impressive pictures at this age. They only know how to dribble and scratch across the paper they get. They may even eat the paper if you are not careful. And, when you take away the costly paper that hey destroy daily while playing, they tend to cry. This where eco art pads will come to your help .These pads are made of eco friendly, FSC certified re-cycled material. They are colorful and harmless to children. Children love these little pads and have a wonderful time scribbling on them. Unlike other paper, these pads are treated with chlorine free solutions and do not harm your kids in any way. The basic material used is the stalk of banana tress, as these stalks are useless and normally cut off once they produce their fruit. These products are available in baby Buzz’r International, LLC. These pads cost about $13 for a pad of 50 sheets.

Besides eco art pads, various eco products are also available for your kids, bringing joy to their lives (and less trouble for you, as they will quietly play by themselves).This will give you more time to take care of other house hold chores. Besides eco art pads, you can buy them eco colored pencils (to develop their sense of color and art), eco finger paints, eco molding dough (to make creative figures in clay), washable art glue etc. Other than these products, there are eco toys, such as cars and trains for your children to play with. These toys can be used by both boys and girls. Do not worry if your girl child only wants girly items like dolls, they are also available in many wonderful ranges. These products are the best gifts you can give to your kids, so they can come to understand the need to go eco friendly at an early age. Today the world is decaying day by day and if we do not encourage eco art products to be use by our kids; the future will be very bleak for them.

An ecological alternative smooth finish paper. Printed on FSC certified 100% post consumer fiber with soy inks.
(50) 9x12 sheets per pad