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Baby Buzz'r International[Browse other products in this catalog]Eco PaintAge Range24m - 12yPrice$23.99Phone801.979.2229Introduction2013TypesArts & Crafts, Creative Product, Green Product, Socially Responsible

Powder based exploratory finger paint handmade with natural and organic fruit, plant and vegetable extracts from annatto seed, beets, carrots, curcumin, purple sweet potato, red cabbage and spinach, flour, cornstarch, wheat paste and earth clay. (5) 4oz. containers

This Eco Paint was exactly what I had been searching for for a while! The wife and I are parents to a three year old. As you might have guessed, since this is our first child we’re a little cautious with what we let our child play with. I’ve researched many of the common paints that are found in dollar stores and general grocery stores – they pretty much all contain some sort of unpronounceable chemicals that I definitely do not want my child getting into! Looking a little deeper I discovered that pretty much all paint sets come from the same origin, so although grocery stores and even some specialty stores raise the price, you’re still getting bad quality, and potentially harmful paint (Especially for a child that LOVES to put foreign objects into his mouth). I’m very glad I found these Eco Paints. The piece of mind that these bring is unrivaled. The great part about these products is that you know even if your child ends up swallowing some, it’s nothing you have to sweat. I’m sure we all know how hard it is raising children. Delivery was quick – a must in my books. The first thing I noticed upon opening it was packaging. It seems as though it’s made of recycled materials. I haven’t even used the paints and already I like it!

Another positive side of the packaging was how the paints came in different sets of baggies: you’re able to simply zip them up or throw on a rubber band and you don’t have to worry about dried out cakey paint. More than I liked it though, my son did. He practically tore it out of our hand. The paints made are wonderful. They don’t have “crumbs” in them, and apply very very smoothly, even for amateur finger painters! It’s nice to know that not all paints sold are filled with nasty harsh chemicals. Even the fruits used to make these paints are organic. I could almost swear I could smell them! (Just kidding!) Overall I’m very happy with my purchase. As soon as this set runs out (There’s quite a bit of it too!) I’ll be sure to be back for more!