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Baby Buzz'r International[Browse other products in this catalog]Dog-opoly Board GameAge Range8y - 12yPrice$20.50Phone801.979.2229Introduction2013TypesBoard Game, Cultural, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible

Dogopoly: Dogs are man's best friend. They are the most loyal friend of a man among the animal world. And focusing on them now we have got the newest & best board game ever 'dogoploly'.it is just a really fun and entertaining game for ages between 8 and up which can be played by 2 to 6 people. Spend quality time playing this game with family and friends. You can also give it as a best gift to any dog lover. Talking about how to play this game and it is really fun and easy. You can buy your favorite dogs arranged around the board. The range is from Chihuahua to Great Dane. You can become the proud owner of the neighborhood butcher shop or the ever popular fire hydrant! Buy dog houses and trade them in for big and juicy bones. Collect 200$ for every-time you pass GO FETCH...or pay 200$ because you have fleas! It is the ultimate game that celebrates and promotes our incredible friends. Buy this game and enjoy it with your family while you dog is beside you.

Dog-opoly is a dog themed version of interpretation of Monopoly. The traditional properties are replaced with individual breeds of dogs that are traded between the players. Houses are replaced with "Dog Houses", hotels are replaced with "Big Bones", Chance and Community Chest is replaced with "Good Dog" and "Bad Dog", and a set of cast metal dog-themed tokens are included. The only game components which no effort has been made to theme are the money, which is standard across all Late for the Sky games, and the dice. The publisher of this game is Late for the sky production company. This game was originally created in 1977.Dogopoly the game of high stakes and bones! Now available as the 25th anniversary edition. Summer is around the corner and it is time you buy this game and start enjoying it. Though it is game similar to the MONOPOLY it is different with new paths through the center of the board and a single multi-function deck, as compared to Monopoly which has only a single path around the perimeter and two decks. The goal of the game is to cause all of your opponents to go bankrupt through payments to the bone bank or yourself through rents paid on doghouses.

Dog-opoly is a tail-wagging good time. Buy your favorite dogs, arranged around the board from Chihuahua to Great Dane. You may become the proud owner of the neighborhood butcher shop or the ever popular fire hydrant! Buy Dog Houses and trade them in for Big Bones. Collect $200 every time you pass Go Fetch!...or pay $200 because you have fleas! Dog-opoly is a game that celebrates our fabulous four-legged friends. Fun for family and friends. The perfect gift for any dog lover. For ages 8 and up, 2 to 6 players.