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Baby Buzz'r International[Browse other products in this catalog]Bug-opoly Board GameAge Range8y - 12yPrice$24.95Phone801.979.2229Introduction2013TypesBoard Game, Cultural, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible

Bugopoly is game that is modeled after the classic board game Monopoly, except instead of the railroads and properties there are insects to purchase. There are deeds for the insects that allow you to buy, sell, and trade different insects at different prices. Each card contains fun facts and information about the different insects that you can purchase. For example, did you know that when size is taken into account, grasshoppers have muscles that are about one thousand times stronger than human muscles? Also, dragonflies may have bumped heads with a Tyrannosaurus Rex or a Triceratops because they have been around for approximately 300 million years! Another fun fact that can be found in the game is that the biggest ant colony ever discovered was about 3,600 miles long! There are even more fun facts to share with your family and friends on every card in the game. Soon you too will be an expert on insects and few of their buggy companions because not all of the cards contain technical insects (which you will know after playing the game and can impress everyone with all of your new fly knowledge)! Maybe you will get chose as the president of the Entomological Society! Maybe you will be told to bug off and miss three turns of the game.

Like the original Monopoly there is a ‘Go’ that you pass, except instead of it being called ‘Go’ it is called ‘Buzz’! Use this game at school for a fun, safe, cheap, and educational way to teach students about different bugs and their habitats. Use this game to bring back family game night in a new interesting way without using the same old board games. There are six game pieces available that are modeled to look like different species of insects. Can you figure out what they are supposed to be with all of your new knowledge? Allows 2 to 6 players ages 8 and up to enjoy this buggy delight. This twist on a classic Monopoly game will surely bright delight to people of all ages both young and old and teach everyone something new!

Bug-opoly is a look inside the wonderful bug kingdom. Buy, sell and trade your favorite insects (and a few of their friends because not every bug included in the game is technically an insect.) As you play, flip over the deeds and read some amazing and fun facts. Gather family and friends and get buggy with it! Who knows? You may soon be elected president of the Entomological Society…or you may be sent to Bug Off, and out of the game for three turns! Whatever happens, the game will be crawling with good fun!