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Baby Buzz'r International[Browse other products in this catalog]AmericaopolyAge Range8y - 12yPrice$24.95Phone801.979.2229Introduction2013TypesBoard Game, Cultural, Educational Skills, Socially Responsible

Americaopoly is a version of Monopoly that is focused around the pride of Americans. It is a board game that was created by the Parker Brothers. It is an all American property trading game. The game can be played by 2-6 players which can make it fun for the whole family. The game it’s self revolves around traditional American holidays and Land marks of our great nation. Instead of buying houses and hotels, you’re able to buy properties such as the Grand Canyon and/or the Golden Gate Bridge. Take a trip to the big apple, take a road trip but whatever you do, do not want to have to detour. Instead of passing go you pass by Uncle Sam and collect $200 but, just be very cautious because you just might end up getting audited by the IRS which could leave you with a whole lot of nothing. It is possible to get stuck in traffic jams and loose many turns as well.

This version of monopoly doesn’t only bring your family lots of fun but can also be a learning tool for young kids learning about America’s biggest landmarks and holidays. For instance landing on the Fourth of July allows you to take all the money from the center of the board. When playing this game you’re not only able to enjoy the game play of monopoly but you get to “visit” some really big national favorites. Attend the Kentucky Derby, visit Hollywood or even see the Liberty Bell. This game was made for the whole family and was made to have a lot of fun. Remember when you start you won’t be able to stop. With this addictive game play you could spend hours at a time before winning this game. Enjoy playing this game and learning all about our great nation.

Americaopoly is a game that celebrates our great nation. Buy properties such as the Golden Gate Bridge, Route 66, the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls. Collect Homes and trade them in for Estates. Land on the Fourth of July and scoop up the cash from the center of the board. Pick up $200 each time you pass GO U.S.A., but may end up in a traffic jam and lose three turns. Or worse yet, be audited by the IRS! Whatever happens, Americaopoly is good ol' American fun for family and friends.