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WABA Fun, LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]Wacky Machines SetAge Range5y - 11yPrice$65.99Phone303.410.7172Introduction2012TypesConstruction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Toy

Crazy Cranking Construction!

The 175-piece Superstructs™ Wacky Machines building set includes 16 large gears and plans to build 7 truly wacky models. Step by step plans illustrate how to create a crazy clock, geared-down Ferris wheel, a thumping whatcha-ma-call-it, a drilling car, and 3 more fun and zany contraptions.

  • Includes plans to build seven wacky, gear-cranking contraptions!

  • Includes 16 large, colorful, and easy to handle gears.

  • Learn about gears while having fun.

  • Packaged in a 8"x8"x15" (LxWxH) Canister - perfect to store all the pieces
Combine this set with others to build even bigger creations!