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WABA Fun, LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]Bubber SmartShapesAge Range3m - 15mPrice$34.99Phone303.410.7172Introduction2012TypesArts & Crafts, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Math, Novelty, Other

SmartShapes is an engaging activity kit utilizing geometric tangrams with a twist, the Bubber along with geometric shaped molds encourage children’s creativity. Animals, vehicles, buildings and more can be created with the help of the tools provided.

Each kit contains 4 different colors of Bubber (Red, Green, Blue and White), 9 SmartShapes geometric molds, a Bubber knife, and a pattern guide with 3 different levels of difficulty. Utilize the pattern guide to get you started and then let your imagination run wild as you create masterpieces and then simply start again. Bubber is ultra light and soft as silk. It’s also gluten and allergen free, easy to clean, won’t stain or leave a residue, and never dries out so it can be used over again.