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WABA Fun, LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]Superstructs Custom KitAge Range3y - 10yPrice$10.00Phone303.410.7172Introduction2013TypesConstruction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Toy

Create your own personalized building set with this new Superstructs Custom Kit system. Once on the custom kit website, simple drag and drop the models you would like to include in your custom kit. Choose from 8 different models that include a Motorcycle, Race Car, Jet, Dune Buggy, Forklift, Dragster, Boom Truck with Crane, and Funny Car. These are all models from the award winning, best selling Superstructs system of construction sets and are all thoroughly safety tested to the highest standards. Each model comes with its own illustrated, step-by-step construction guide. The first model you choose will be featured on the cover of the package along with your personal message. There are 12 different package templates to choose from and you’ll see a rendering of how your kit will look before you check out. It takes just three easy steps to create a custom kit.

WABA Fun builds and ships each kit individually from its facilities in Loveland, Colorado. There are 8 models and 12 templates that can create over 4,000 possible toy designs.