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Thames & Kosmos[Browse other products in this catalog]Climate & WeatherAge Range10y - 14yPrice$34.95Phone800.587.2872Introduction2012TypesConstruction Toy, Educational Skills, Science, Toy

Earth's climate system is awesome and complicated. It consists of several systems known as "spheres", including the the hydrosphere (the layer of water composed of oceans, seas, rivers, and groundwater), the crysophere (areas of snow and ice), the pedosphere (its expanses of soil), and the lithosphere (areas of rock). The envelope of air around Earth, known as the atmosphere, together with the Earth's surface, form the biosphere – the layer that offers habitats to our planet’s living organisms. The interactions between all of these systems are inexorably connected to the development of life.

Thames & Kosmos' Climate & Weather kit investigates these vital interactions and other phenomena with 23 hands-on experiments. Because the axis and rotation of the Earth are primary contributors to climate changes, young scientists begin by constructing a model globe and its atmosphere. When attached to the globe stand with a wooden stick, the globe sits at an angle like the Earth and can even be rotated. A lamp shining on the globe helps to illustrate the effect of the sun’s rays on the Earth, the length of the day, and the seasons. The invisible wind system springs life as students use a wisp of smoke to trace air currents from the icy cold poles to the warm equator and back again, and recreate Earth’s ocean currents in a small basin of water. They explore the how the water cycle contributes to eight types of cloud formation, and even make a cloud of their own. Measuring rainfall, air pressure, and temperature are easy, especially after they construct their own rain gauge and barometer.

Over the past 12 years, Thames & Kosmos has educated millions of young scientists about alternative energy, the conversation of natural resources, sustainable living, and environmental science through their diverse offering of hands-on, educational science kits. Their first product, the Fuel Cell Car, was released in 2001, followed shortly by the Power House kit in 2002. The award-winning Alternative Energy & Environmental Science line continued to grow to include Wind Power and Hydropower, which explore the practical applications of alternative energy resources; and Global Warming, which focuses on the impact of modern industry on the planet's climate. In 2010, Thames & Kosmos introduced Sustainable Earth Lab, a comprehensive environmental science kit; the new Stirling Engine, a unique heat engine that converts solar heat into clean electricity; and five new renewable-energy based kits in the Construction Series. In February of this year, the company announced four new Alternative Energy kits, including kits on solar thermal energy, electrochemistry, and solar power.