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Rubbabu Inc.[Browse other products in this catalog]Rubbablox™ BasixAge Range0m - 7yPrice$29.95Phone732.428.5544Introduction2013TypesArts & Crafts, Construction Toy, Creative Product, Green Product, Socially Responsible, Toy

Building blocks continue to be one of the most popular and entertaining toys to provide to children. Think back to when you were a child. Blocks allowed for construction of cabins, space ships, whole towns, and works of art that could be demolished or put away for safe keeping. Little did we know at the time that we were developing cognitive functioning, temporal-spatial reasoning, and honing creative talents through play. The blocks are constructed out of soft, all-natural rubber foam.

The Rubbablox Basix set comes with 10 large blocks and 10 small blocks. The large blocks are built with two connector pieces and the smaller blocks with one single connector. This is a perfect amount of blocks for building small forts, castles, walls, and anything else the imagination concocts. The blocks are colored brightly for maximum visual stimulation and, like all their products, the soft, squishy, and velvety texture provides ample tactile stimulation as well as safe landings.

Made in India from 100% all-natural rubber foam and fashioned using very little energy or water, this ecological and playful toy hits many of the significant benchmarks against which discerning parents measure a toy’s value, such as safety, health, and environmental awareness. Natural rubber is the sap of the rubber tree, which can be collected from the same tree for 25 years, so products are both biodegradable and renewable. These hand-made toys are made in an A-rated International Council of Toy Industries plant by many people who bake, paint, flock, check, and pack the toys. The company uses very little electric energy and has very little waste. Because they are made from natural rubber, which is flexible and durable, these toys are very strong and can last for many years of intense play.