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Rubbabu Inc.[Browse other products in this catalog]Gemini Space TravellerAge Range12m - 5yPrice$19.95Phone732.428.5544Introduction2013TypesActive Toy, Fantasy Play, Green Product, Handmade, Other, Outdoor Play, Socially Responsible, Toy, Transportation, Travel Item

Your child can explore new worlds unbeknownst to his or her fellow Earthlings. The Gemini Space Traveller, Rubbabu’s first foray into the uncharted and vast depths of interstellar space, glides gracefully around the Milky Way and beyond. Visiting neighboring galaxies and making friends throughout the cosmos has never been easier or more affordable. Regardless of whether your Space Traveller merely orbits a celestial body or happens to find itself at warp speed, Gemini Space Traveller’s velvety exterior and soft rubber foam construction will keep all body parts and breakables safely out of harm’s reach.

This newest addition to the Rubbabu line up of soft, playful, and attractive toys has been designed to inspire creativity and ambition in young children. They will literally reach for the stars when they play with their Gemini Space Traveller. Perfect for playing at home with friends and family, or being carried and played with on the go, Gemini will surely be a toy found outside your toy chest for many years. Made in India from 100% all natural rubber foam and fashioned using very little energy or water, this ecological and playful toy hits many of the significant benchmarks against which discerning parents measure a toy’s value such as safety, health, and environmental awareness.

Gemini Space Traveler has travelled a long way to get to your home. The company took care to leave the earth as undisturbed as possible in the process. Natural rubber is the sap of the rubber tree, which can be collected from the same tree for 25 years, making its products both biodegradable and renewable. The process is very simple. First rubber is baked like a cake into the right shape, depending on whether it’s a car, a ball, or a bowling pin. After this the toy is painted and flocked for the fine velvety finish. The process is designed to use no de-molding chemicals and the rubber is foamed mechanically rather than using chemicals.

Rubbabu’s hand made toys are made in an A-rated International Council of Toy Industries plant by many people who bake, paint, flock, check, and pack the toys into cartons. At every step of the process there are people who make sure that the toy is exactly as they would like it for their own child. They use very little electric energy and there is very little waste. The energy and ideas all come from our people who love what they do. The making of Rubbabu toys is a labor intensive process, providing employment and livelihoods to over a hundred people. Because they are made from natural rubber, which is flexible and durable, these toys are very strong and can last for many years of intense play.