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Luca Lashes[Browse other products in this catalog]Luca Lashes and his Trip to the Nursing HomeAge Range12m - 4yPrice$1.99PhoneIntroduction2011TypesActivity Product, Educational Skills, Electronic Product, Entertainment, Multimedia

Do you have a parent or grandparent in a nursing home? Are you ready to bring your child to see them? Join Luca Lashes as he visits his great grandmother, plays some games, and has a great time visiting! This is a multilingual, educational, interactive, audio app that continues the Luca Lashes series about children experiencing their ‘firsts.’ The stories can be read in Chinese, English, French, Italian and Spanish.

This app is the seventh in our series. In this story, Luca, the brown-eyed boy with the magic eyelashes, visits his great grandmother in a nursing home. Children experience the sights and sounds of a nursing home by touching interactive areas on the screen. The story also includes some suggestions for parents to help parents take the newness and anxiety out of this situation.