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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]ArtSee StudioAge Range3y - 12yPrice$39.99PhoneIntroduction2013TypesArts & Crafts, Creative Product, Electronic Product, Multimedia

ArtSee Studio™ allows kids to create beyond the boundaries of traditional art while protecting an iPad®. The interactive stamps make patterns, animation, music, and special effects. Use the tactile stylus as a pencil, crayon, marker, or paint brush, and then try turning it on its side to make textures and visual effects. ArtSee Studio provides immersive fun that unleashes creativity. The ArtSee Studio drawing kit is an innovative case designed to bring the complete drawing experience for your child and at the same time, offering protection for your iPad®. ArtSee Studio transforms simple drawings and paintings on the iPad into amazing, visual creations, leaving you’re young artists longing for more. The magical adventure begins by securing any iPad (except mini) into the protective case, and then launching the app. Using the wide range of interactive tools that are included with ArtSee Studio, kids can quickly turn a blank canvas into an explosion of color, sound, movement, games, and activities. The creativity is endless! Hands-on Fun! ArtSee Studio comes with a range of interactive tools that allows you to create and play with extensive original stamps; then place interactive tools on stamps to animate them and to play fun sound effects. Also play games such as Connect the dots, Symmetry, Memory, and much more. Share with everyone. Share the polished artwork to Facebook and Twitter to show off your child’s masterpiece or email it.