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Dr. Toy's Best 2013[Browse other products in this catalog]Bully, Bystander, Bullied - Which One Are You?Age Range8y - 12yPrice$9.99PhoneIntroduction2013TypesDigital Disc, Multimedia, Musical, Socially Responsible

The latest CD from award-winning singer/songwriter and anti-bullying activist Lyle Cogen, “Bully, Bystander, Bullied: Which One Are You?” offers catchy songs that educate, empower, and entertain children simultaneously to effect change on bullying. Featuring catchy songs from her critically-acclaimed one-woman musical play, Sticks and Stones, now, for the first timethese songs are available on CD to further extend the reach of her show’s powerful anti-bullying lessons and messages. She has performed the play – a story about bullying behavior and how to defuse and prevent it – before thousands of children at theaters and schools all over the country. The CD features clever poems, raps, and songs that kids can relate to their own experiences. Teaching while it entertains, the album delivers the messages that “put-downs” are “hurtful and not okay,” bystanders are “not so innocent,” and children who are bullied should tell a teacher or other responsible adult. Complete with an accompanying parent/teacher guide that offers tips on how to discuss the terms “bully,” “bystander,” and “bullied;” and how to use the songs as a springboard to start a discussion about bullying and offers questions and activities for further discussion.