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Folkmanis Puppets[Browse other products in this catalog]Blueper FolkmonsterAge Range5y - 12yPrice$37.99Phone(800) 654-8922Introduction2011TypesCreative Product, Fantasy Play, Plush Toy, Puppet

Blueper is a mechanically capable FolkMonster, born with a passion and knack for putting odd things together and making them work. They're not always showroom-ready, but they usually do what they should. He does the hard work with gusto, and loves making mistakes: if something doesn't act as he'd planned, it means he's just learned something new. He absorbs new knowledge greedily. When he takes a break he likes to juggle gears and sprockets and catch them on his horns. He favors things that are orange and blue...preferably both.

Movable mouth, hands. Two-handed puppet.