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Folkmanis Puppets[Browse other products in this catalog]FiddlerAge Range5y - 12yPrice$43.99Phone(800) 654-8922Introduction2003TypesCreative Product, Fantasy Play, Plush Toy, Puppet

Before radios and t.v.'s, CD's and MP3's, if you wanted to hear music, most of the time you had to make it yourself. But if you were lucky, there was a village musician who'd make magic with his fiddle and bow. Make magic of your own with this enchanting Fiddler puppet. Hands enter from under his shirt and inside his sleeves to operate his mouth and/or both arms and fiddle. Movable mouth and arms. Does not stand alone as shown. Does not include the additional puppet as shown.

Length: 10" - Width: 5" - Height: 23" - Weight: 19.04 oz.