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GiggleBellies[Browse other products in this catalog]The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures DVD Volume 2Age Range24m - 5yPrice$14.98Phone512-968-3357Introduction2011TypesDigital Disc, Active Toy, Musical, Educational Skills, Creative Product, Entertainment, Multimedia

The GiggleBellies take your little ones on more whimsical adventures in this highly anticipated sequel. Featuring another blend of popular traditional children's songs that have that GiggleBelly twist, and a few more fun original GiggleBellie tunes. Meet some new characters and dance along with your familiar favorites. This next DVD will be sure to have your kids singing and wiggling about!

The entire DVD is approximately 32 minutes and includes thirteen fully animated songs including Down By The Bay, Busy Bumble Bee, Head Shoulders Knees & Toes, Colors Of The Rainbow , If You're Happy And You Know It, Itsy Bitsy Spider, The Really Cool Space Team, Mr. Sun, Working On The Railroad, Bucky The Horse, Eat 'Em All Up, All The Little Raindrops, and Fly Away With Me. DVD also includes Mp3s of all the songs, ten coloring pages, and thirteen fully illustrated lyric sheets.

“The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD series was designed to engage children through a blend of upbeat songs, unique characters, and colorful whimsical animations. It is no secret that the majority of young children have short attention spans and to keep them engaged they need stimulation. Just ask any mom and she’ll tell you that young kids tend to get into everything and are constantly on the move. The producers of “The GiggleBellies” believe that short format music videos are a great way to captivate a young audience.” The GiggleBellies Musical Adventures” DVD series is driven by unique 2- 4 minute music segments. The songs are fun to sing. The music encourages movement and dancing. And some of the lyrics present early learning concepts. Complimented with exciting visual stimulation, carefully paced animation, and vibrant colors.