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Virtual Piggy, Inc.[Browse other products in this catalog]Virtual PiggyAge Range5y - 21yPrice$0.00Phone310.853.1950Introduction2008TypesEducational Skills, Math, Multimedia, Other, Socially Responsible, Software

Virtual Piggy is an online family wallet that protects your child's privacy when they shop online under the limits you set. Parents stay in control, kids and teens get to learn financial responsibility, and there are never any fees or charges.

How it Works:

  1. Parent set up a Virtual Piggy account, with a payment source and mailing address.

  2. Parent adds a profile for each child, setting a monthly allowance and spending controls.

  3. Child can now safely checkout with Virtual Piggy at approved stores, using only their username and password.

  4. Parent gets final approval on purchases, and can monitor spending, requests and Wishlist.

Why use Virtual Piggy?

  1. 94% of parents say teaching money management to their children is very important.

  2. Virtual Piggy helps create the financial literacy conversation by empowering kids to make decisions, but within the limits parents set.

  3. The Virtual Piggy experience for kids includes tools to help them budget and save, and our Smart Money Tips.

  4. Virtual Piggy members get exclusive deals from our partner merchants.

  5. Children can use Virtual Piggy to safely donate to the charity of their choice, with over 250 to choose from. We’re certified COPPA compliant by TRUSTe, Privacy Certified for Kids by the ESRB, an official PayPal partner, and won The National Parenting Center’s Seal of Approval.

  6. Virtual Piggy is always 100% free to use. There are never any fees, and parents are only charged when a child makes a purchase you’ve approved.