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Jay@Play[Browse other products in this catalog]SeatPets - Bentley the DogAge Range3y - 9yPrice$19.99PhoneIntroduction2012TypesPlush Toy, Toy, Travel Item

SeatPets® are soft, friendly, plush animals that easily attach to the shoulder restraint portion of a seatbelt, transforming tiresome family car rides into fun, entertaining road trips.

Perfect for long journeys or just running errands in the car, SeatPets® make kids’ seatbelts comfortable because they provide both a soft cushion between their neck and the belt and a cozy pillow between their head and the side window. Each colorful, furry SeatPet has two pockets on the body and a zippered compartment; all designed to store the things that kids want and need when they’re in the car – from MP3 players and hand-held games to toys and snacks….most anything fits inside and is instantly at hand.