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NumbersAlive![Browse other products in this catalog]NumbersAlive! Books for Young Travelers- Washington, D.C.Age Range4y - 100yPrice$13.95Phone202.652.1820Introduction2012TypesActivity Product, Book, Cultural, Educational Skills, Math, Travel Item

Join Team Ten (the fun and friendly number characters 0-9) as they lead you on a tour around the capital of the USA, helping children discover numbers in shape, counting, names and sequence.

Each number showcases a location that reflects its personality and numerical characteristics. The book features colorful photographs and creatively illustrated Team Ten characters. Each spread also includes a short rhyme and secret question-and-answers. Additional highlights include a map, fun facts about each location, and a parents/teachers’ guide.

This book was awarded the 2012 Educational Book of the Year Award by Creative Child Magazine. The author, Dr. Rebecca Klemm, a.k.a. The Numbers Lady, was selected as a featured author at the 2012 Science and Engineering Festival on the basis of this book.

Product Details: 52 full-color pages. Soft cover, 8.5”x 8.5”. Recommended for children ages 3-9. The book retails for $13.95.