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Montessaurus LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]Flags and Countries Matching ActivityAge Range24m - 6yPrice$45.00Phone862.571.7624Introduction2013TypesCultural, Educational Skills, Green Product, Handmade

This activity consists of a beautifully made wooden blocks and printed, cardstock mat (additional felt mat can soon be purchased). This exercise is made with solid maple wood, transferred ink, details painted with water-based, non-toxic paints, and finished with water-based, non-toxic, wood finish. The theme of the imagery depicted on the blocks provides the user with multiple levels of advancement, which are crucial for child development.

Teacher approved the Montessaurus Memory Blocks Activity aims to exercise memorizing and teach the subjects illustrated on the blocks. It also supports concentration, independence, and awareness towards the beauty of the material.

This product encourages the child to find appropriate matches when the blocks are randomly placed on the mat with the blank sides up. The Memory Blocks Activity can be performed individually as well as with multiple children being involved where each person can keep a score of the amount of correct pairs found.

Montessaurus Memory Blocks Activity – Flags and Countries:

United States of America – Flag of the United States of America (illustrated)

Canada – Flag of Canada (illustrated)

Japan – Flag of Japan (illustrated)

Germany – Flag of Germany (illustrated)

Great Britain – Flag of Great Britain (illustrated)

Norway – Flag of Norway (illustrated)

Block size is 2in x 2in x 1in (5.0cm x 5.0cm x 2.54cm). The cardstock mat size is 11in x 17in (27.94cm x 43.18cm)