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Montessaurus LLC[Browse other products in this catalog]Counting and Buttoning Frame 1-5Age Range3y - 6yPrice$48.00Phone862.571.7624Introduction2012TypesEducational Skills, Green Product, Handmade, Math

This activity consists of a beautifully made practical life frame with wooden buttons. This exercise is made with a solid wood frame and birch wood dowels, and finished with water-based, non-toxic, wood finish. The item uses 3mm thick 100% Wool Felt that is considered an ecological textile. The wooden buttons are finished with a natural, non-toxic finish. This product gives children multiple opportunities for interaction. It also presents the user with several levels of advancement, which are crucial for child development.

Teacher approved the Montessaurus Counting and Buttoning Frame 1-5 aims to develop the practical skills required to button and unbutton, the ability to count, and the capability to perform basic addition. It also teaches concentration, independence, and awareness towards the beauty of the material. This product works by helping the child to acquire fine motor skills, to give the child a tactile awareness of shape, and the ability to visualize and quantify items for mathematical equations. Each strip of blue felt has enough buttonholes for each line of buttons, making the error be clearly visible.

Button size is 1.3 in (3.3cm). The structure size is 14in x 13.25in x 1in (35.5cm x 33.6cm x 2.5cm)