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LaQ USA[Browse other products in this catalog]Dinosaur World T-RexAge Range7y - 99yPrice$25.00Phone972.231.9131Introduction2012TypesConstruction Toy, Creative Product, Educational Skills, Toy

The LaQ Dinosaur T-REX is a clever and creative 4-in-1 kit with 300 standard parts, and 4 specialized parts. Build a ferocious looking T-REX searching for its prey, or an Ankylosaurus, Deinonychus, or Pteranodon. Clear instructions to make each of the dinosaur models are offered in a colorful 24-page instruction guidebook. A starter’s model building instruction page is included for beginners.

This is a very simple, yet highly creative construction toy block set, which offers an infinite possibility of creation from just 7 types of block parts, including 2 types of base parts and 5 types of joint parts.