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Discover with Dr. Cool[Browse other products in this catalog]Mega Shark Teeth Science Kit - MegalodonAge Range6y - 14yPrice$29.95Phone855.437.2665Introduction2011TypesEducational Skills, Science, Toy, Activity Product, Hobby

Amaze Your Friends with Mega Shark Teeth! Everyone is fascinated by sharks! This incredible kit includes 5 real shark teeth from such shark species as Tiger, Bull, Lemon, Ortodus, Sand Tiger, and Snaggletooth sharks! Plus a full-sized museum quality replica of a Megalodon tooth cast from one of the largest Megalodon shark teeth ever found. Megalodon was the largest predator to ever live on the planet and could eat a great white shark in 1 bite! This giant was much larger than a T-rex and is a fascinating creature to study. This kit also contains a full color adventure guide so that you can identify and learn about each specimen, and an activity booklet with 10 fun puzzles, games, and challenges.